Science Comms

Science Comms

Outstanding science needs engaging science communication.

Science projects use Vialog for disseminating their results and to engage with their stakeholders.

Science projects need engagement

How to share scientific findings with the general public? How to engage the widest possible audiences in a discussion about essential scientific outcomes and their practical implications?

Vialog provides a virtual social platform to share concerns, best practices and diverse insights. Businesses, universities and science projects can use Vialog on their website to increase stakeholder engagement.


Experts' Vision Chat

Experts' Vision Chat is a video discussion format for science projects developed by Vialog. It increased monthly unique website visitors by 12X for participating Horizon 2020 projects and turned passive viewers into active stakeholders.

Future of Social Media

ARTICONF and HELIOS, projects funded by the European Commission, collaborated in the first Experts’ Vision Chat. On the occasion of the International Social Media Day, celebrated the 30 June 2020, Kevin Koidl from Trinity College Dublin and Pedro Jacobetty from University of Edinburgh responded to questions of the public about the future of social media. The project received 6 text questions via email contact forms and 19 video questions with Vialog.
Experts' Vision Chat on
Experts' Vision Chat on ARTICONF website

Citizen Journalism

On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists, celebrated the 8 September 2020, the second Experts’ Vision Chat focused on discussing Citizen Journalism, with Robin Ribback from SWISS TXT (HELIOS project) and Alexandre Ulisses from MOG Technologies (ARTICONF project).
Experts' Vision Chat on
Experts' Vision Chat on HELIOS website


The rapid spread of misinformation on social media regarding cures and treatments of COVID-19 posed a danger to public health. EUNOMIA joined forces with ARTICONF and HELIOS to hold an Experts’ Vision Chat about the 'infodemic'.
Experts' Vision Chat on
Experts' Vision Chat on EUNOMIA website

Engage your stakeholders now

Whether you want to discuss science communication or know more about how Vialog can help your organisation, don't hesitate to reach out to David at


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