Redefine audience engagement

Vialog means better reach and wider access to your community, talent and stars.

Top niche festivals — physical, hybrid and digital — are using Vialog to better engage with their stakeholders and audience. Festivals foster community around their themes and topics by allowing people to discuss them right on their festival website using short video messages. Time-zone proof Q&As provides flexibility for viewers with different schedules and significantly improves the accessibility of festivals digital engagement.

For festivals continuing to use Vialog in consequent years, Vialog doubled up video creator engagement Year over Year.

PÖFF Black Nights Film Festival (Estonia)

"More than 750,000 video discussions were loaded on our website and online cinema, which in turn is double the amount of videos by filmmakers and audience as compared to the previous festival."

"We showed 566 features and shorts to more over than a 100,000 people. But one of the things special about film festivals is connecting the filmmakers with the film audience... It's also great that you kinda broadened the audience - it's not just the film audience who fancy premiers or like the leading top end members of the cast but everybody can join the conversation... We are still really excited about continuing the conversation online."

Docudays UA (Ukraine)

"When we were preparing the festival, we realised that it is the most essential need of the filmmaker, in this new online world, to meet the audience and to get their feedback… The audience was very active and the filmmakers were really thrilled to get all these questions and to answer them."
"Vialog helped us to keep one of the most important parts of the festival lively: social interactions. Due to the opportunity to communicate with the directors, share your opinions and get back with their answers, we maintained audience interests and actually it helped us to remember what the real festival life means."

VERZIÓ (Hungary)

"Film festivals… faced many new challenges including how to offer the participants a solution to communicate in a direct and personal manner but also in a time-saving and practical way… Throughout the year we will continue to use Vialog because it helps us staying closer to each others’ reality."

Wiz-Art (Ukraine)


"We've been using Vialog for our online events... and we were happy with the service that led our users leave comments and communicate. "

BEAST IFF (Portugal)


"Vialog was a very important tool for us, because it facilitated the Q&A sessions, between filmmakers and our audience. This brought an extra value to our festival making it more interactive and more approachable. "


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