Improve accessibility and lower your inclusivity threshold.

Increase student activity with direct, visual and personalised interaction between the lecturer and their students.

Enhanced learning with Vialog

Vialog's innovative video discussion tool allows students to interact with the course material and enhances remote teaching and learning.

Education is changing

Over 2M students in the UK have been affected by the move to online learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students have found it more difficult to engage with classes online than face-to-face.

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted 2.38M students within the UK higher education sector, with universities facing a £2.6B loss of revenue and the loss of 30K jobs.

Two- thirds of students report that they have insufficient contact with their lecturers. During the first semester of remote learning, there has been an 11% drop in the number of students who feel that they are able to access online learning sufficiently to complete their studies. The number of students rating online provision as being of good quality has also dropped by 10%.

Introducing Vialog


Vialog's innovative video discussion tool allows students to interact with the course material and enhances remote teaching and learning.

Enhanced learning

Increase the number of interactions students have with course material online.

Vialog is building an easy-to-use interactive video tool to address the changing needs in digital learning environments and to ease the increased workload of academics with improved teaching outputs.

Vialog is an asynchronous video tool that increases interactions between students and teachers. With accessibility features like video transcripts and thematic bundling of questions the tool also helps educators ease their workload.

Transform physical classes into virtual classes.

Lecturers need support to deliver courses in an engaging and effective way and to see who is active in the course while ensuring that all students have an equal chance of learning.

Vialog increases student activity with direct, visual and personalised interaction between the lecturers and their students. The tool contributes to students feeling they are getting higher value out of their studies.


How Vialog provides value for education

Case Study: University of Roehampton
Case Study: University of Roehampton

Ask and respond to students

Students can submit short (<1 min) videos that are directly linked to an exact second of any lecture video, allowing lecturers to respond to the entire class.

These 'timed comments' are micro-videos that are linked thematically on specific parts of lecture videos. This helps students search for topics and work together to complete course material.

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Discuss lectures anytime

Being able to attach video comments to learning materials improves the searchability of lecture content and lets students 'raise their hands' when questions arise. This enables lecturers to respond more effectively by easily referring to relevant material.

Asynchronous tools aid remote learning by increasing the number of student interactions with course material, teachers and their peers.

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Be available but save time with FAQ

Vialog's tool can be easily used in any LMS, like Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas to enhance interactivity. Learning management systems can be populated with student-generated unique videos to match class materials with a virtual group experience.

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The Vialog suite for Education


All students have to have an equal chance of accessing the learning materials.

Equality, diversity and inclusion
Digital divide

Impact on environment and society

We are environmentally conscious and factor that into our decision making.

The Climate Positive Discussion promise
Impact on society en large
Knowledge exchange transfer
Contributing to employability


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