Causes & petitions

Causes & petitions

Give voice to your petition with unique social videos.

Get your campaigners a user-friendly video message tool to secure the urgency of your cause.


Top petition sites around Europe are using Vialog to add additional impact to their campaigns with the power of faces and voices. Vialog converted passive website visitors to active contributors at a stunning rate of 7%.

aHang (Hungary)
"With Vialog we showed the public that hundreds of people make a stand for academic freedom here in Hungary. Doctors, senior citizens and many others uniting for a good cause. Those who wouldn't have had the chance to show their support in person if we weren't using Vialog... With Vialog it is only a minute to promote a more equal and just future."

Campax (Switzerland)
We have given our members a statement that we wanted them to say. And we wondered how we could do this without members having to upload or download or just not make it complicated and not make it too much effort for either them or us. Vialog was perfect for that... We actually got over 140 responses which was more than what we've expected.


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