ARTICONF addresses issues of trust, time-criticality and democratisation for a new generation of federated infrastructure, to fulfil the privacy, robustness, and autonomy related promises that proprietary social media platforms have failed to deliver so far. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825134, the ARTICONF Project. Project Website →

Black Nights, an A-list film festival with 80,000 attendees used Vialog's video opinion discussion use case. It opened a new form of dialogue between filmmakers and audience
Black Nights, an A-list film festival with 80,000 attendees used Vialog's video opinion discussion use case. It opened a new form of dialogue between filmmakers and audience


Vialog's use case promotes open democratic Video Opinion Discussions while exploring applications of blockchain technologies with tamperproof video lifecycle events and gamified reward mechanisms. Vialog's mission is to inspire conversations at community webpages and enhance the role of prosumers by turning passive visitors into active contributors.

The use case is developing an embeddable tool that operates on any website enabling Video Opinion Creators to record short videos opinions from any device and web browser. It operates with lowest-participation-threshold policy which means that there is no software required from anyone to participate.

Value proposition

Community Managers and website owners can transform their site into hyper‐relevant micro social networks and engage their visitors in trusted discussions.

Advantages of the ARTICONF use case technology

Problem and context

The digital trust in communities is broken and needs to be re-established on platforms that communities fully own: starting at their websites. It has become increasingly hard for communities to connect in meaningful, safe and engaging discussions.

Problem statement
Scale and cause of root problem

Building on widely spread research concepts such as “Global Village”, “Public Sphere” and “Network Society”, Vialog Ltd is developing video commenting technology that enable citizens to easily create shareable and searchable video comments.

Wider Context

Market Perspective

By giving faces to the voices of Pilot partner organisations, the use case team is reducing the amount of cyberbullying and trolling, while shifting the virtual conversations to a more meaningful spectrum.

Theory of change

By allowing swift creation of video opinion discussions, innovation will come in three layers:


The use case is implementing the Lean startup Methodology

  • Conducting Pilots in different market verticals for thematic video co‐creation technology
  • Gathering real‐life requirements directly from main target groups via stakeholder interviews and testimonials
  • Captured requirements directly feed into the product roadmap
  • Collecting and disseminating best practises of successful campaigns
  • Educating future pilot partners and empowering communities


The video opinion discussion use case identifies three end‐user roles:

Community Managers
Video Opinion Creators
Video Opinion Viewers


ARTICONF is developing open-source tools for decentralised applications for trustworthy, resilient, and globally sustainable social media.

TIC - Blockchain-as-a-Service
SMART - Cognitive AI
CONF - Infrastructure
TAC - dashboard



Selected dissemination activities of the use case team


The following deliverables were used to create the above page: D2.1, D2.3, D7.2, D7.3, D8.3, D8.4, D8.6, D8.7

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