What's new

What's new

List of Vialog features

v22.3 @March 26, 2022

Self service subscriptions
Vialog is now available in 12 languages
General improvements

v22.2 @February 10, 2022

Introduced a new year-based versioning system across all platforms.

Get early access
Multilingual recorder interface
New and improved notifications
Moved to the vialog.io domain
General improvements

v2.1 @October 2, 2021

For Community Managers

Control embedding of any discussion
Share links

For video creators

Copy discussion link from unsupported browsers
Stay on top with follow-focus
Start recording faster

For video viewers

Shuffle on display
Double tap for fast forward / rewind

v2.0.2 @June 15, 2021

1 thread 1 tree programme

We are planting one tree for each discussion you start on our platform

Global refactoring

Faster and smarter video discussions


Finish your thought on time
Navigate with keyboard
Clickable progress bar
Upgraded all clients to the new Vialog tool

Moderation Dashboard

Simplified user experience

v2.0.1 @March 5, 2021

Beta release of the new Vialog tool

Rebuilt in React ✨

More shareable

Follow discussions
Share discussions
Get replies

More secure

Allow your domains (whitelisting)
Vialog share links

New design

Host videos
Bigger videos


Recording process
Video consumption (gapless autoplay)


Coming up next

  • Subtitles
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Grouping response videos
  • Scheduled discussion
  • Custom type fonts


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